It’s Been A While

It has been a really long time since I have written on here. I honestly have been lacking motivation and do not know what to write about that will keep people coming back. It is also when I think writing I say i will do it later. I believe it is my depression and I … [Read more…]


Fear can do a lot of things to the human mind. I find that when I am scared I tend to over react to situations. I blow everything out of proportion thinking the worst is going to happen. When a person has anxiety it is living in a constant state of fear. Living with both … [Read more…]


Easter, along with other holidays can be very difficult if someone suffers from depression. I know for me personally I do not like to be around people when I am feeling depressed. Most of the time I just want to stay to myself. That is not a good coping technique and I am trying to … [Read more…]