Fear can do a lot of things to the human mind. I find that when I am scared I tend to over react to situations. I blow everything out of proportion thinking the worst is going to happen. When a person has anxiety it is living in a constant state of fear. Living with both anxiety and depression can be pure torture.
When I get in a depressive state I tend to lay around and when I lay around I overthink. I will sit and think of all of the mistakes I have made in my life and I dwell on them. I will try to figure out how I could have done something different. What I need to remind myself is that moment in time is over. I cannot change it. No amount of worrying can change the past. I try to remember to remind myself of that and that maybe if another situation like that arises I just need to find a different way to react.
Fear will sometimes drive me. By saying that I mean one time my type 2 diabetes was getting out of control. When I went to the doctor and heard what could possibly happen to me and I could lose parts of my body the fear got me to look at my health differently and make changes. I needed some help and motivation along the way. I was scared they would start amputating my limbs that Decided I was going to start walking to get some of the weight off. I went and purchased a Fitbit to help me stay motivated and hold me accountable. My loved ones were informed how I wanted to change my life and that also gave me motivation. They were also helping to push me to do better and to stay focused.
Fear has debilitated me also. I have got so anxious over things and was so afraid that it had me just laying in bed, hardly able to function. My anxiety has me, at times, where I fear leaving the house. I am scared something will happen to me or my loved ones. That is no way to live and I have found some ways to overcome this, but in the moment it is hard.

I have found a few ways to conquer fear.
I ask myself if it is logical. Could the scenario I am playing in my head actually happen or am I over reacting?
I face it head on. If I am worried about a situation I try to find the best way in the said situation to act and not let it overwhelm me. There was once a person who severely intimidated me. I feared them so much it made me sick, literally. I made myself face that person. They had no clue that I had the overwhelming fear or anxiety around them. When I realized this, it helped me to calm down. I will say though if the person has any idea that they are getting to you some will just try to provoke reaction. In this situation I just avoid the situation completely and not give the other person the satisfaction of knowing they bother me. That is bullying and it is wrong when one person does that to another person.
Finally I find something that relaxes me. Whether it be exercise, such as a walk or listening to my favorite music. Music can do a lot to the chemicals in the brain. It has been proved that it improves mood. I would not recommend listening t sad songs, but fun, upbeat songs. I find when I get overwhelmed and I listen to music and walk it helps me to clear my head and make me able to focus better when my head is clear.

I hope this post made sense. I was a little scared when I was writing it knowing someone may try my techniques to conquer fear. The best advice I can give is to just try to get yourself or your loved one relaxed. Being relaxed helps a person think clearer and more rational. It can be hell to live in a constant state of fear and anxiety but it is that way for many people. Each person needs to find out what works for them.

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