About Me

Hi I am Temple. I am the author and owner of mylifesmeaning.com. I am a mom and wife. I have two boys who are 16 and 20. My husband is a really good man whois really supportive to me in all that I do. I live with two conditions which can be really debilitating. I have bipolar depression and fibromyalgia. My husband and children are my greatest blessings. I have studied at the University of Phoenix with an associates in Psychology.
I have many things I am passionate about with the first being my family. I have been with my husband for fourteen years, married ten years. My sons and husband are my greatest gifts from God. I have hypothyroidism and was not even sure if I could have children. I have many hobbies such as gardening, crafts, DIY, video games, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh sports in general and detailing my Jeep Grand Cherokee.
I am not your run of the mill forty year old mom and wife. I have many passions and many questions about life that is where I got the name for my blog. I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to email me with any questions.

me and boys
Me and jim